p_bascheraDear Donors and Partners

Your commitment makes an impact! By supporting key topics and talented students and researchers, you as a member of the ever-growing community of ETH benefactors
and alumni help ground-breaking research and pioneering approaches
to nurture in the laboratories and lecture halls of ETH Zurich. With your support for talented young students and innovative projects, as well as ETH Zurich’s strategic priorities, you provide an invaluable stimulus for scientific research. On behalf of all the beneficiaries, I want to express our sincere gratitude to alumni, private donors, foundations and companies for your support and your confidence.

Prof. Dr. Pius Baschera, President of the Board of Trustees, ETH Zurich Foundation


About ETH Zurich Foundation

The ETH Zurich Foundation is an independent, non-profit organisation under private law with the aim of promoting teaching and research at ETH Zurich.

With our activities, we endeavour to help maintain and develop the leading position held by ETH Zurich among international universities by purposefully supplementing Federal funds with private financial means.

The ETH Zurich Foundation awards funds to selected projects within the key strategic areas set by the ETH Zurich Executive Board. By bundling the resources, a more efficient investment is achieved.

Real Estate ETHZF AG
The Real Estate ETHZF AG was founded as a subsidiary company of ETH Zurich Foundation. Its goal is the construction and leasing of property to ETH Zurich. The Real Estate ETHZF AG is a non-profit organisation.