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Inauguration of commemorative plaque for the Werner Siemens Foundation

Inauguration of the commemorative plaque. Attending the ceremony: The president of ETH Zurich, Professor Lino Guzzella (fourth from right) and Professor Martin Saar (far left). Representing the Werner Siemens Foundation, from left: Professor Peter Athanas, Germain Mittaz, Dr Hubert Keiber, Dr Christina Ezrahi, Oliver von Seidel, Manfred Nagel and Beat Vögeli. Photo: Felix Wey.

25.9.2017 – ETH Zurich has paid tribute to its longstanding partnership with the Werner Siemens Foundation by dedicating a plaque to the organisation. The inauguration ceremony took place at the premises of the Geothermal Energy & Geofluids group, Institute of Geophysics.


ETH Zurich is acknowledging in particular the Siemens Foundation’s donation of 10 million Swiss francs in 2013 for setting up a chair in deep geothermics. Martin Saar, whose Geothermal Energy & Geofluids chair was made possible by the endowment, presented his research team’s current projects during the ceremony.



Representatives of the Werner Siemens Foundation with Professor Saar and his research group at the inauguration. Photo: F. Wey.

Professor Saar’s group investigates geothermal energy, heat and pressure transmission in the earth’s crust, and reactive liquid (water, CO2, CxHy, N2). Using computer simulation, lab experiments and field analysis, the group are gaining fundamental insights to help address the energy supply problem.


The new plaque in the Institute of Geophysics, ETH Zurich.


In donating, the Werner Siemens Foundation wants to spark technological breakthroughs in an area that may be of key significance for the Swiss economy. You can read more about the current projects of Professor Martin Saar’s team on the research group website.

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