Corona Impulse Fund

To allow quick, flexible implementation of measures and projects relating to the coronavirus

The coronavirus outbreak is not only dominating headlines but also completely transforming our daily lives. Researchers around the world are working their hardest to find solutions to fight the virus. And ETH Zurich is no exception.


Our goal

Whether it is used to introduce urgently needed measures, to provide immediate support for students in the form of additional grants or to fund medium to long-term scientific efforts, the ETH management will ensure that money from the Corona Impulse Fund is released quickly and without undue red tape, and is focused where it is needed most and will have the greatest impact.

Together, we will not only overcome this current crisis but also strengthen our resilience to any future pandemics.


Your support enables

  • Quick and straightforward implementation of measures;
  • Additional funds for any ETH scholarships that have had to be extended as a result of the current situation; e.g. where students have had to discontinue lab work for their Master’s thesis;
  • Quick implementation of research projects relating to the coronavirus. These priority projects will receive a special permit for experimental research – which has otherwise been largely shut down;
  • Interdisciplinary research beyond the medical aspects: from biotechnology, economics and agricultural sciences to industrial psychology and security policy. The longer the crisis lasts, the clearer it becomes that it affects almost all areas of our daily life;
  • Partnership and collaboration – which will improve our resilience to this crisis and any future pandemics.


If you specifically want to support our students/scholarships, learn more here.

The crisis has also shown how important it is to provide other teaching methods. Your support can help us to develop even more innovative new digital learning formats


Your contact

Dr. Donald Tillman

Managing Director
T +41 44 633 69 62

We are happy to contact you.

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