Fund for Academic Innovation

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ETH Zurich epitomzes astounding ideas, indivisible education and research, entrepreneurial spirit as well as pioneering effective solutions to the global challenges of today and tomorrow.

A cornerstone of this achievement is ETH´s capacity to deliver an outstanding education in order to provide highly-skilled professionals for industry and academia. Because whoever has the best talent, also has the best opportunities and credentials in the race for innovation and sustainable economic growth.

Therefore, ETH puts a great emphasis on promoting critical thinking and management skills, as well instilling disciplinary knowledge help its students acquire the skills that will be just as important in their professional lives as their specialist knowledge. Above and beyond, the school strives to continuously improve its teaching, leveraging potential across all levels and developing new offerings for assistants, lecturers and students.

With this in mind, ETH Zurich Foundation launched the «Fund for Academic Innovation». This fund is a unique opportunity for alumnae and alumni, friends and partners of ETH to make an impediate impact on new and innovative projects in primary and continuing education.

Your gift, regardless of size, may just make the difference to maintain ETH´s status as a world leading university. We sincerely thank you.

Examples for Academic Innovation

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