The Hilti Group and Hilti Family Foundation Liechtenstein are supporting two ETH professorships in robotics

23.09.2020 – With a generous donation for two professorships in robotics, Hilti and ETH Zurich are expanding their successful long-standing collaboration and strengthening the development of robotics at ETH.

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Philanthropy: togETHer

18.09.2020 – The success of ETH hinges on the endeavours of many researchers and students. Likewise, the ETH Foundation achieves a huge impact by combining many small contributions, as well as larger sums, from donors and partners. When people who share the same goal join forces, great things are made possible.

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Donor portrait of Germaine J. F. Seewer: Citizen in uniform

16.09.2020 – Germaine J. F. Seewer is the first woman to hold the rank of Major General in the Swiss Armed Forces. Her new role as Commander of the Armed Forces College has forged even closer ties to her alma mater.

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Biologist Paola Picotti wins the Rössler Prize 2020

04.06.2020 – Systems biologist Paola Picotti receives this year’s Rössler Prize for her groundbreaking work in the field of proteomics. She has developed a method of measuring structural changes in thousands of proteins at the same time, paving the way for personalised therapy (Photo: Gian Marco Castelberg / ETH Zurich).

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Meet the Talent@home

25.05.2020 – Laptops and distance learning instead of labs and lecture halls: the exceptional situation caused by the coronavirus crisis is presenting new challenges for ETH students in the spring semester 2020.

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Annual Report 2019: Important stimulus for research and teaching

01.04.2020 – In 2019, private individuals, foundations and companies again made a significant difference to ETH Zurich by donating some 120 million Swiss francs to the ETH Foundation. As the foundation’s annual report shows, of the additional funding received, 29 percent came from more than 3,000 private individuals, 29 percent from companies and 42 percent from… Read more »

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Additional funding for Covid 19 research

31.03.2020 – In view of the global Covid 19 crisis, the Botnar Research Center for Child Health (BRCCH) is launching an emergency initiative to develop practicable approaches as quickly as possible to cope with this extraordinary situation.

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Donor portrait of Guido Doppler: A born architect

17.03.2020 – The first thing Guido Doppler does each morning is head to the stables to muck out and feed the horses. Outdoor yoga is also part of his daily routine – and probably one reason he looks younger than his 86 years.

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Tina Wüstemann elected to the ETH Foundation’s Board of Trustees

17.03.2020 – At the ETH Foundation’s Board of Trustees meeting on 16 March 2020, lawyer Tina Wüstemann was elected as a new member of the Board.

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«Investigator Award» from the Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation for two ETH researchers

13.03.2020 – Two researchers from ETH Zurich, Jörn Piel and Roman Stocker, were awarded with the “Investigator Award” by the Californian Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation. They will each receive USD 1.5 million to explore the diverse symbiotic relationships between bacteria and other aquatic organisms.

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