For the easily understandable communication of current Earth Sciences topics

Basic research is often abstract and not easily accessible to a wider audience. focusTerra, the Earth Sciences Research and Information Centre at ETH Zurich, takes up exciting research topics to present them in an understandable way and thus promote dialogue between science, industry and society. Currently, focusTerra is planning the special exhibition “Waves move the world”, which is scheduled to open in August 2020.


Our goal

Waves are not only omnipresent in our lives, but are also used for a variety of applications and in research. The new exhibition “Waves move the world” aims to bring the world of waves and their meaning closer to the public. On the one hand, it will provide an overview of the different types of waves and their common characteristics. On the other hand, the exhibition aims to illustrate how waves are used in areas such as medicine, communication and energy supply.


Your support enables

  • the creation of a place of dialogue for interested laypersons, researchers, students, teachers and especially for pupils of the middle and upper school levels
  • access to young people in their technology-based everyday lives, giving them a new perspective on wave phenomena and the world
  • visitors to be creative, ask critical questions and discover the unknown
  • the exhibition to be presented at various locations inside and outside of Switzerland

Your contact

Theresia C. Büsser

T +41 44 633 43 10

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