Initiatives & Projects

Support one of ETH Zurich’s thematic priorities in research and teaching:


Outstanding talents, bright ideas

Support young researchers, the future of science and Switzerland’s leading international position.

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Big Data & Science

Vast amounts of data can be captured and analysed using novel data science and machine learning approaches. You can support researchers exploring new ways of resolving urgent problems.

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Earth & humankind

Help to safeguard the resources on which human life depends: sustainable management of the environment and natural resources are among the greatest global challenges.

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Technology for human health

Thanks to medical research and the translation of research findings to clinical practice, the quality of life for many people  can be significantly improved.

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Poly Fund

For greater freedom to quickly turn visionary ideas and extraordinary projects into reality.

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Legacies & appointments as heir

With a legacy or a bequest to the ETH Zurich Foundation you can help launch unique research projects, sponsor exceptional students or effectively promote pioneering spirit.

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Special events

Bereavements and special occasions such as anniversaries or class meetings are opportunities to support research and teaching at ETH Zurich.

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Art & Culture

Your support enables access to art and culture for scientists and the general public.

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Can’t find your cause?

We also actively support other thematic priorities at ETH Zurich, such as Sustainable Construction, Risk Research or Quantum Engineering. We will be happy to help you identify the project and funding instrument that suits you best.

We are happy to contact you.

Do you have questions about donations and legacy gifts to ETH or other topics around ETH Foundation? We look forward to getting in touch with you.