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Nothing is as important as our health. At ETH, it is not just a current topic – it has been a priority for many years:



Our goal

In order to tackle the current and future challenges facing our healthcare system, we urgently need to make further progress in the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of diseases. The faster discoveries made in research labs are implemented in medical practice, the faster they are able to benefit the people who need them.


Your support enables

  • accelerated implementation of research projects related to coronavirus – from longitudinal serological studies examining the immune reactions of over a thousand participants and the development of treatments and vaccines through to the production of effective medical equipment such as ventilators and antiviral materials;
  • strengthening of ETH’s health research beyond coronavirus, with innovative research projects looking at the intersection between health and technology for people of all ages – from developing a skin replacement for children with burns and an implantable artificial heart through to the treatment of age-related diseases.


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Your contact

Dr. Donald Tillman

Managing Director
T +41 44 633 69 62

Uplift: “Technology for our health”


In the latest edition of our Uplift magazine, discover how health research is taking a step towards the future with Professor Tanja Stadler and young entrepreneur Alexander Tanno.

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