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Insight into the world of designer DNA drugs

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04.10.2018 – Wednesday evening, renowned biochemist, cell and molecular biologist Don W. Cleveland gave a fascinating insight into his research. Among other topics he talked about gene-silencing therapies, also known as designer DNA drugs, which can block the activity of the gene whose mutation causes diseases such as Huntington’s disease or Alzheimer.

Lino Guzzella, President of ETH Zurich, introduced the US researcher, who recently received the Distinguished Scientist and Scholar Award of the NOMIS Foundation, and also emphasized the Foundation’s great commitment: “We are fortunate to have partners at our side who share our conviction that education and basic research will continue to be instrumental for progress in medicine and many other fields of human endeavor”.

The NOMIS Foundation supports outstanding scientists who pursue unconventional approaches, apply new findings or pursue new disciplinary or interdisciplinary perspectives.

Thanks to the support of the NOMIS Foundation and the Lotte and Adolf Hotz-Sprenger Stiftung, Prof. Jacob Corn could be engaged as Professor of Genom Biology in Spring 2018. Jacob Corn investigates fundamental processes that identify and repair damage to inherited genetic material (DNA). This knowledge is just as important for therapeutic-medical applications as for basic and applied research.

Another research project that could be carried out with the help of the NOMIS Foundation is cryoelectron microscopy.

Further information about the NOMIS Foundation is available here.

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