Let ETH Zurich pass on what is dear to you

Many people wish to commit themselves beyond their lifetime to the values and concerns they care deeply about. With a legacy or a bequest to the ETH Zurich Foundation you can help launch unique research projects, sponsor exceptional students or effectively promote pioneering spirit. In a last will, you can determine during your lifetime what is important to you for the future.

When you bequeath a legacy or appoint ETH Zürich Foundation as an heir, you make things happen. Read about a flagship project to develop a soft artificial heart, and research to monitor rising sea levels.

We are happy to contact you

We would be delighted to explain to you the ways of including ETH Zurich Foundation in your estate plan. Please let us know how to contact you using the form below; or get in touch with us directly by e-mail at legat@ethz-foundation.ch or by telephoning Amina Chaudri on +41 44 633 84 72.

Legal information
Donations to the ETH Zurich Foundation are tax-exempt. We recommend that you also seek advice from a legal expert who can assist with all your legal needs.

Your contact

Amina Chaudri

Deputy Managing Director, Legacies
T +41 44 633 84 72