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For research on the life and work of the famous author and ETH alumnus

The Max Frisch Archive, based at the ETH Library, curates and adds to the literary legacy of the famous author, architect and ETH alumnus Max Frisch. His works are internationally renowned and have been translated into more than 40 languages.

The archive, established at ETH Zurich in 1980, has holdings that include the author’s personal correspondence, manuscripts of his works, notebooks and personal documents. The broad scope of the archival material is ideal for investigating not only literary research topics, but also ones relating to architecture, theatre and history. The archive is frequented by Swiss researchers and curious members of the public, and is experiencing increased international interest.


Our goal

To make research on new topics related to Max Frisch possible with the aid of valuable original documents, and to make his complete works more comprehensive, we are currently looking for funding partners for the following projects:

  • Max Frisch Scholarships: To promote research using the archive’s holdings on an international level, three scholarships will be awarded each year to researchers and culture professionals from abroad whose research is centred around Frisch’s works. During their stay, they will be individually supervised by the archive’s management team and be connected with the research community at ETH. The amount and duration of each scholarship will be individually calculated based on the respective research project (as a general rule, duration is usually between two weeks and three months; scholarships cover the costs of travel, accommodation and meals). The selection of scholarship students who publicly present their research project to ETH Zurich is to be carried out by a scholarship committee on an ongoing basis.
  • The digital publication of Max Frisch’s notebooks: Over one hundred notebooks with a total of more than 6,000 pages give a unique insight into what the author’s work process must have been like. The handwritten notes, which are sometimes hard to decipher, need to be transcribed, enriched with metadata and made freely accessible online. This will open new research paths and serve as an exciting source of information for school classes and interested members of the public.
  • High-quality complete works: Despite being one of the few world-famous Swiss authors, Max Frisch’s works are still not readily available in a complete edition. Some of his works aren’t even available as books (anymore), and some contain errors. Within the scope of a project lasting several years, all novels, narratives, diaries, stage plays, essays and speeches are to be checked for errors and republished as a first-class complete edition comprising around 25 volumes.

Your support enables:

  • Archive visits to ETH Zurich for researchers and culture professionals from across the globe whose research is centred around Frisch’s works
  • Free access to Max Frisch’s previously unpublished notebooks for researchers, school classes and interested members of the public
  • A comprehensive and high-quality complete edition of all Max Frisch’s works, according to current academic standards


Further information about the Max Frisch-Archive at ETH Zurich.

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