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Meet the Talent@home

25.05.2020 – Laptops and distance learning instead of labs and lecture halls: the exceptional situation caused by the coronavirus crisis is presenting new challenges for ETH students in the spring semester 2020.

Four Excellence Scholars talk about how they’re coping with their everyday studies at home and what they’re currently working on – not in face-to-face discussions with donors, as they previously did at the annual Meet the Talent event, but digitally by video.

In this four-part series, the students extend a virtual invitation to their homes, offering us an insight into their current research projects and what the generous support means to them.


Vincent Fortuin

Early detection of sepsis

Will a patient develop sepsis in an intensive care unit or not? This is something that doctors can now ascertain at an early stage with the help of algorithms. Vincent Fortuin is working to ensure that these predictions are not only reliable but also comprehensible:


Hanna Ragnarsdottir

Deep Learning Techniques

Hanna Ragnarsdottir is passionately interested not only in machine learning and artificial intelligence, but also in how we can use these technologies to benefit our health and society. In particular, her project aims to bring about a lasting improvement in cancer research, which relies on data relating to cells:


Janine Wetter

Climate research in the Arctic

Climate change is having a particularly drastic effect on the polar regions, where melting glaciers and warmer water have an impact on the entire ecosystem. Janine Wetter researches where exactly the connections lie and how climate change will affect these regions in the future:


Dominic Egger

Titanium-based catalysts

Titanium is one of the most abundant metals in the Earth’s crust. The sustainable reserves of the element are one of the reasons why, in the project in which Dominic Egger is involved, researchers are working on the development and application of titanium catalysts for the synthesis of organic molecules (which can be used, for example, in the production of pharmaceuticals).



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