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Misrock Foundation continues funding of ETH-professorship for Biomolecular Engineering


Prof. Sai Reddy with Jean-Marc Joerin, President Misrock Foundation

28.11.2016 – The Foundation of S. Leslie Misrock supports Sai Reddy’s professorship at the Department of Biosystems Science and Engineering in Basel since 2010 and recently increased its initial commitment for the second time. Reddy’s professorship was only made possible through the generous funding by Misrock Foundation.

For Jean-Marc Joerin, President of Misrock-Foundation, the partnership between Misrock, ETH Zurich and ETH Zurich Foundation has been a win-win situation from the start: “I’m delighted that Professor Sai Reddy, whose professorship is funded by the Misrock Foundation, is so successful. Our donation is bearing fruit. Sai Reddy and his research team are a gain not only for the ETH Department of Biosystems in Basel, but also for us.”

After seven years, Professor Reddy’s research and teaching has already gained worldwide recognition. In the beginning of 2016 he received the prestigious ERC Grant of the European Research Council – as one of seven ETH-researchers. Shortly after he was awarded the Grand Challenges Explorations Grant by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. These awards are not only important for system immunology research in general, but also have an impact on Professor Reddy’s professional career: this year, his tenure procedure shall be introduced, thus enabling the development of his current assistant professorship into an associate professorship.
His students have long been convinced of their professor: in 2013 he already received the Golden Owl Award by ETH’s student association in recognition for outstanding teaching methods.

Professor Reddy and his group conduct research for the next generation of immunotherapy.  Their research is directed towards molecular interactions taking place during adaptive immunity and focuses mainly on antibody discovery, high-throughput profiling of vaccine responses, the impact of nature and nurture on immunity and synthetic immunity cellular therapies. For his research, Reddy was able to set up his own Laboratory for Systems and Synthetic Immunology. “The generous donation from the Misrock Foundation allowed me to establish a new laboratory in Basel and to focus entirely on research and education. My group and I have now taken a major step forward in our efforts to investigate systems and synthetic immunology. Our research has led to several academic publications, collaborations with industry, and a patent application”, Professor Reddy proudly states.

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