Mobility today is undergoing a profound transformation all round. Changing customer needs, revolutionary technical possibilities such as digitisation, new mobility providers and regulatory developments are all having an impact on markets and business models.  Converting this change and innovation into profitable solutions requires the combined efforts of different scientific disciplines and business partners in unison.

Leading hub of talent and research

As a leading technical and scientific university, ETH Zurich intends to play an active role in making successful advances in mobility. More than twenty research groups (professorships) are already at work on various research subjects in this field. However, the speed at which technologies are developing places high demands on existing mobility systems and calls are being made for increased efforts to find new mobility solutions. In line with its strategy, ETH Zurich has therefore launched the ETH Mobility Initiative in order to broaden its expertise and expand its activities in this field and to become a leading centre for mobility research in Switzerland and across the world. The aim is to give mobility research and development a substantial boost and to work alongside partners in seeking solutions for the future.

This major project needs your help!

With your support

  • A further two to four professorships can work on mobility topics. Possible fields of research in public transport include optimising mobility and logistics services, or introducing digitisation to raise the efficiency of traffic infrastructure. In terms of road traffic, examples include the latest vehicle and fuel technologies, or steering and operating autonomous traffic systems.
  • Up to 100 doctoral candidates and postdoctoral researchers are working on projects in the field of mobility.

What’s more

  • ETH Zurich can position itself as an international talent pool of experts in the research field of mobility.
  • A mobility centre can be established as a central location for research, expertise transfer and the launch of new research projects in cooperation with funding partners.
  • The range of educational courses for junior researchers can be significantly expanded, thus ensuring a solid and broad education for the mobility experts of the future.