Illuminating the brain

Lino Guzzella with Karl Deisseroth during his guest lecture in the Semper Aula. (Photo: NOMIS Foundation)

24.10.2017 – How can we understand the workings inside the brain? Stanford psychiatrist, neuroscientist and bioengineer Karl Deisseroth literally lights up the brain to explore its cellular activity. At a special guest lecture in the Semper Aula he talked about optogenetics, a technique he developed which involves the use of light to control neurons in the living brain.Read more

Inauguration of commemorative plaque for the Werner Siemens Foundation

Inauguration of the commemorative plaque. Attending the ceremony: The president of ETH Zurich, Professor Lino Guzzella (fourth from right) and Professor Martin Saar (far left). Representing the Werner Siemens Foundation, from left: Professor Peter Athanas, Germain Mittaz, Dr Hubert Keiber, Dr Christina Ezrahi, Oliver von Seidel, Manfred Nagel and Beat Vögeli. Photo: Felix Wey.

25.9.2017 – ETH Zurich has paid tribute to its longstanding partnership with the Werner Siemens Foundation by dedicating a plaque to the organisation. The inauguration ceremony took place at the premises of the Geothermal Energy & Geofluids group, Institute of Geophysics.


ETH Zurich is acknowledging in particular the Siemens Foundation’s donation of 10 million Swiss francs in 2013 for setting up a chair in deep geothermics. Martin Saar, whose Geothermal Energy & Geofluids chair was made possible by the endowment, presented his research team’s current projects during the ceremony.



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Avina Foundation supports ETH Week

During ETH week 2017, 18 teams worked on visions that may result in manufacturing the future.

20.09.2017 – Once a year, just before the beginning of the Autumn Semester, ETH Week is on: An open, innovative course fostering critical thinking and creativity across disciplines. From September 10 to 15, 2017, a full 180 bachelor, master and exchange students tackled difficult tasks and challenges to do with “Manufacturing the Future” and presented astounding solutions at the closing ceremony.

The week was organised by ETH Sustainability, the central hub for coordi­nating sustainability activities at ETH Zurich, the Competence Centre for Materials and Processes and the Chair of Technology and Innovation Management. As in 2016, ETH week 2017 was generously supported by the Avina Foundation.

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12 Million for the Breakthrough in Communication Technology

Prof. Dr. Oliver Kraft, Vice President for Research, KIT, with Oliver von Seidel, Member of the Foundation Board, WSS, and Prof. Dr. Lino Guzzella, President, ETH Zurich, at the ceremony for the donation by Werner Siemens Foundation, ETH Zurich. (Picture: Nicola Pitaro)

12.09.2017 – The Werner Siemens-Foundation (WSS) has donated CHF 12 million to establish the Centre for Single-Atom Electronics and Photonics. ETH Zurich and the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT) are establishing the centre to develop new types of integrated circuits for communications networks. “We hope our donation will lead to a major breakthrough in the area of communications technology,” says Hubert Keiber, Chair of Trustees of the Werner Siemens-Foundation. Read more

Green Leaves Education Foundation supports talented Master students

Photo: ETH Zurich / Alessandro Della Bella

11.09.2017 – The Green Leaves Education Foundation (GLEF) fosters education projects around the world and supports financially underprivileged pupils and students from developing countries in Asia, Africa and Latin America. The foundation now supports the “Excellence Scholarship & Opportunity Programme” (ESOP) and thus secures that two students from the global South can enrol for a Master programme at ETH Zurich.

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13 Pioneer Fellows among the 100 best Swiss Start-ups

Meriam Kabbaj and Vincent Forster, founders of Versantis: Rank 11 in this year’s list of the top 100 Swiss start-ups. (picture: Hannes Heinzer)

8.9.2017 – On September 6, 2017 the anxiously awaited Top 100 Award for the 100 best Swiss startup companies was handed out at a ceremony in Zurich-Schlieren. While last year, there were 10 Pioneer Fellows among the Top 100, not less than 13 Pioneer Fellows won the coveted trophy for young enterprises in 2017.

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Toxically sweet: High fructose consumption promotes tumour growth

Professor Wilhelm Krek, Drs Walter Fischli, Aleksandra Konovalova and Blaise Calpe, and doctoral student Guanghui Tang (Photo: Caspar Türler).

30.08.2017 – Following his donation to the ETH Zurich Foundation in 2015, biochemist Dr Walter Fischli – an ETH alumnus and co-founder of Actelion – is continuing to support the research of molecular and cell biologist Professor Wilhelm Krek. Contributions from the Walter & Edith Fischli Fund are mainly being used to support his fructose metabolism project. The scientists working under Professor Krek have now demonstrated a clear link between high fructose consumption and tumour growth. Once their investigations are complete, the researchers plan to develop a therapeutic application based on their findings.

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ESOP contribute to Swissloop race

The Swissloop research and development team present their Hyperloop pod (Photo: ETH Zurich).

23.08.2017 – Out of 1200 teams applying from across the world, just 27 qualified for the prestigious Hyperloop Contest initiated by SpaceX founder Elon Musk – and Swissloop is one of them. Fifteen of the 50 Swissloop scientists are ETH Zurich students, and two among those are ESOP-supported Excellence Scholars.
The Swissloop team developed their own “pod” to compete in the high-speed competition held on August 25-27, 2017 at the test site in Los Angeles and won a fantastic third place. In the future, the system could be able to transport people and goods through a vacuum tunnel at almost the speed of sound and with zero emissions.

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Starr International Foundation strengthens ESOP talent programme and obesity research

Thanks to heat producing Brown Adipose Tissue (BAT) in the shoulder and back, the person to the right shows a higher energy turnover (dark patches) compared to the person on the left with no BAT. (Photo: ETH Zurich/USZ)

17.08.2017 – The Starr International Foundation continues to support ETH, the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Zurich, with a generous donation. The foundation’s commitment allows international top talents, mostly from the US and China, to study at ETH Zurich in an ESOP (Excellence Scholarship) master course of their choice. Further, Starr International Foundation supports the obesity and metabolism research of Rössler prize awardee Prof. Christian Wolfrum und Prof. Markus Stoffel, who succeeded in decoding the catalyst for type 2 (adult-onset) diabetes.

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From Sion to Canberra

Philippe Nicollier, a fellow of the Excellence Scholarship & Opportunity Programme (Photo: ETH Zurich Foundation)

27.07.2017 – Philippe Nicollier, a fellow of the Excellence Scholarship & Opportunity Programme (ESOP) and Master Student in Materials Science from Sion, had the great opportunity to represent ETH Zurich at the Asia Pacific Week. The conference is held every year at the Australian National University in Canberra. This year’s edition was devoted to „A Changing Landscape“. Read more about the conference and Philippe’s experience and impressions of this week here.

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