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Pioneer Fellows win W.A. de Vigier Award 2018

Gewinner halten den Preis in den Händen

31. May 2018 – Vincent R.J. Martinez and Luca Hirt and their ETH Zurich Spin-off nanoleq are one of the winners of the W.A. de Vigier Award 2018. The Pioneer Fellows have developed a fundamentally new kind of cable technology. Under mechanical stress, the startup’s cable has up to a hundred times longer service life than a standard cable while retaining its high flexibility.
The W.A. de Vigier Award is one of the highest endowed prizes for young entrepreneurs with innovative business ideas, eager to establish a lucrative enterprise in Switzerland.

We congratulate nanoleq to this great achievement!

Further information on nanoleq and the W.A. de Vigier Stiftung.

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