Pioneer Fellow Haelixa wins Venture Kick final

Haelixa_Labo_2 (2)

Haelixa Team: Gediminas Mikutis, co-founder and CTO, Michela Puddu, co-founder and CEO (Photo: Venture Kick)

17.02.2017 – Dr. Michela Puddu, supported by the Pioneer Fellowship Program at ETH Zurich and entrepreneur, brings her company Haelixa to new heights. With the win at the finale of venture kick, a venture platform, an additional cash of CHF 130’000.- will be available to the company.

The technology of Haelixa, an ETH Zurich spin-off, facilitates ecofriendly and economic exploitation of underground reservoirs of fluids such as oil or water with so-called green tracers. The worldwide used procedures of today are very expensive and ecologically damaging. Haelixa’s tracers on the other hand, not only allow a much more gentle process, but also a distinctly increased efficiency because unnecessary drillings can be avoided. Global market leaders already have shown interest and led Haelixa to first revenues on their oil fields.

Michela Puddu is supported by the Pioneer Fellowship Program since 2015. The program, which is essentially driven by private donations from partners from industry and foundations, supports young researchers at ETH Zurich in turning their research into a successful tech company. Michela Puddu is on her way to exactly this: “The Pioneer Fellowship and the win of the finale at venture kick gave us funding and expertise to kick our big ideas further, and proves that we have built a convincing business model and planned wisely how to deliver the technology to our customers.”

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