Rössler Prize

Computer Scientist Andreas Krause wins the Rössler Prize 2021

Andreas Krause trägt ein blaues Hemd

09.06.2021 – How do you teach machines to learn for themselves and support humans? Andreas Krause is one of Europe’s leading researchers in the rapidly developing field of machine learning. His approaches combine mathematical elegance with a sense of social responsibility.

For his groundbreaking achievements, he was awarded this year’s Rössler Prize, ETH Zurich’s most highly endowed research prize. The tribute took place at the ETH Foundation’s Thanks Giving event. “Andreas Krause is an excellent researcher, a committed lecturer and as a young scientist has already earned several merits in one of the most formative technologies of the 21st century,” said ETH President Joël Mesot in his laudatory speech.

Get to know Andreas Krause in the video portrait:

Learn more here about Andreas Krause and his research in the field of machine learning.


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