For deep, refreshing sleep – without pills

Sleep is essential for our health, well-being and performance, but many people suffer from inadequate or poor sleep. Recent research suggests that sleep habits play an important role in the development (and treatment) of neurodegenerative, metabolic and cardiovascular diseases.


Our goal

The aim of SleepLoop – a wearable device developed by engineers at ETH and sleep researchers at Zurich University, University Hospital and Children’s Hospital – is to enable people to get a better night’s sleep with the aid of a headband and smartphone, rather than medication. The device, which records brain activity, provides auditory stimulation to enhance the synchronisation of neurons during deep sleep, thus improving sleep quality.


Further information on SleepLoop.



Your support enables

  • the optimisation of the existing SleepLoop prototype
  • additional research so that sleep can be enhanced in as many people as possible
  • the prevention various diseases and the improvement of treatments

Your contact

Amina Chaudri

Deputy Managing Director, Legacies
T +41 44 633 84 72

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