For a sound sleep

To fall asleep quickly and sleep through the night with a headband and mobile phone, rather than medication – wouldn’t anyone plagued by insomnia wish for just that?

SleepLoop is the wearable technology being developed by ETH Zurich engineers and sleep researchers at the University of Zurich, the University Hospital Zurich and the Children’s Hospital Zurich. This miniature sleep-laboratory works by using acoustic signals to modulate the vibrations of neural clusters in the brain in order to make sleep deeper or lighter.

SleepLoop has enormous potential, as many people sleep too little or not well enough. Yet sleep is essential for our well-being, our vitality and our health. Recent research suggests that sleep also plays an important role in the development and treatment of neurodegenerative, metabolic and cardiovascular diseases. But for SleepLoop to improve the sleep of many and help prevent and treat various diseases, additional research is necessary.

Ways of optimizing the user-friendliness and operability of the existing prototype must now be tested; also which population groups can benefit from SleepLoop, and how, must be investigated.  And it is still not clear to what extent SleepLoop is capable of collecting accurate data to help overcome the current limitations of sleep research.

For this project to achieve its full impact, we need your support!