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With your donation, you can support the cause you are most passionate about.

Your gift can be directed to research projects, new professorships or the creation of new facilities. A gift to our talent development programmes provides the brightest minds with an outstanding education, opening up opportunities for the future.

Unrestricted gifts are allocated to the Poly Fund to support immediate and pressing needs at ETH and allow the university to take advantage of unique opportunities as they arise.


Swiss School of Public Governance

Fostering effective governance for a better world

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Student Project House

Thinking & working spaces for students

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Excellence Scholarship

Encouraging the brighest minds

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Pioneer Fellowship

Reseacher today, entrepreneur tomorrow

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Information & Data

Data Science

Boosting data usage

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Media Technology

Digital Transformation of Media

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Information security

Protecting our data

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Everyone can contribute to research

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Energy and Environment


Move towards the future

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World Food System

Feeding the world

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Rehab Initiative

A holistic approach

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Championship for Athletes with Disabilities

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Meaningful, emotional and sustainable education

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Health & Technology


Research that gets under your skin

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Zurich Heart

Beating for the future

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Zurich Exhalomics

A breath away from reliable diagnosis

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for a sound sleep

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Precision Medicine

Addressing diseases individually

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Mobile Health

A doctor always on hand

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Unrestricted funds

Poly Fund

Freedom to innovate

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Enduring gifts

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Can't find your cause?

The above list includes only the most common areas of interest and gift designations. Other key priorities at ETH such as Sustainable Construction, Risk Research or the Swiss School of Public Governance, are also funded by the ETH Zurich Foundation. Please get in touch with us. We look forward to discussing what’s important to you.