You make a difference

l_guzzellaDear Ladies and Gentlemen

Educating young people, nurturing their talents and promoting their personal development are among the core responsibilities of ETH Zurich. In today’s world – where
knowledge is more accessible than ever before – a university education creates added value by equipping students not only with sound disciplinary knowledge, but also with an increased capacity for critical thinking, creativity, and entrepreneurial spirit.
High-quality education, research, as well as knowledge and technology transfer (two further core pillars of ETH Zurich) have their price. In addition to the basic financing provided by the federal government, philanthropic contributions play an increasingly important role. Donations make a huge difference by giving us the flexibility to fund rapid expansion in key fields of research and support outstanding students. I would like to take this opportunity to express my sincere thanks and appreciation for your gifts and endowments. Your support not only represents a significant contribution to the development of ETH Zurich, but also to the preservation of Switzerland’s prosperity.

Prof. Dr. Lino Guzzella, President ETH Zurich

Stimulate science – shape the future

Companies, organisations and private individuals (ETH alumni in particular) are invited to support ETH Zurich with donations to the ETH Zurich Foundation. Your support enables ETH Zurich to advance research and teaching in key strategic areas.
Your investment is an effective instrument for meeting the growing demand for outstanding young scientists and engineers, and cementing Switzerland’s leadership in world class teaching and research.

With regular project reports and inspiring events we demonstrate the impact that donations have made – and promote a dialogue between donors, the foundation and ETH Zurich at the same time.