World Food System –
Future Food Initiative

For long-term global food security

The world’s population is expected to reach 9,7 billion by 2050. Providing adequate food supplies while at the same time preserving limited natural resources is one of the biggest challenges facing humankind.


Our goal

Under the “World Food System” initiative, ETH Zurich and its partners are working on solutions across the value chain to improve global food security. The aim is to jointly facilitate sustainable production of high-quality, healthy food products.

The “Future Food Initiative“, which ETH Zurich launched together with EPFL and industrial partners, goes one step further. The initiative aims to impact the research fields of food and nutrition and Switzerland’s industry. To this end, promising and innovative ideas from postdoctoral researchers will be promoted every year. An initial focus is on research into new alternative protein sources and the use of old plant varieties for tasty, nutritious and sustainable food.


Your support enables

  • additional postdocs in the field of sustainable nutrition
  • young researchers and excellent professionals to train for industry

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Theresia C. Büsser

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