Leslie Logan

United States of America
Earth Sciences


«By pursuing my master’s at ETH, I will not only gain invaluable training on research facilitation from experts in ore deposit geology, but also be submerged in the challenge and rigor of the corresponding geosciences curriculum. The provision of the Excellence Scholarship directly supports my goals to become a research geoscientist.»

Leslie (United States) received her Bachelor of Science in Geology with excellent grades as one of the top 4% students from the University of Wyoming’s College of Arts and Sciences. For her outstanding performance, she was acknowledged with the College of Arts and Sciences Outstanding Graduate award. After studying abroad in Iceland, she was rewarded with the nomination for an United States Geological Survey (USGS) internship. There she got deeply involved with exploration field geology work. These research experiences and the preparation of a manuscript in a peer-reviewed journal   triggered her aspiration to become a research scientist. After her Master’s studies in Earth Sciences at ETH Zurich, she aims to earn a doctoral degree and finally, become an ore deposits expert.