Excellence Scholarship & Opportunity Programme

Encouraging the brightest minds

The “Excellence Scholarship & Opportunity Programme” (ESOP) enables outstanding students from all over the world to pursue a Master’s degree at ETH Zurich. These students are a vital resource for the future: the talented and ambitious experts our industry and society need.

The scholarship is awarded to students whose personality and intellectual abilities promise extraordinary achievements. Highly motivated Excellence Scholars can thus devote all their energies to their studies and research.

The scholarship – more than CHF 40,000 per Excellence Scholar – covers living and study expenses for the duration of a Master’s programme. The beneficiaries are able to make the most of their potential and focus on their research, without having to worry about financial burdens.

Each year, around 600 students apply for the ESOP. They are evaluated by the Excellence Scholarship Committee, validated in personal interviews and ultimately selected by ETH rector Prof. Dr. Sarah M. Springman.

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Impact of your support

Our Excellence Scholars
Since the establishment in 2007, a total of 391 Excellence Scholarships were awarded to students from 49 nations and 16 departments. 45% of the scholars already have a Bachelor’s degree from ETH and 33% are women.

Career Path: Research
6 former scholars have already been appointed Assistant Professor. 18 scholars have chosen an academic career and 107 are currently taking a doctorate.

Career Path: Industry
Around 40% of the Excellence Scholars use their degree to start a career in industry. For example as young entrepreneurs, teachers or employees in corporations, with more than half located in Switzerland.

Our Partners
Thanks to the continuing support of more than 3‘500 alumni,  private individuals, foundations and companies, the scholarship (entirely financed through private funding) can be awarded.